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YouTube News

YouTube News

19 May 2023

Plastic cooling pipe, also known as adjustable plastic cooling pipe, universal plastic cooling pipe, engineering plastic cooling pipe is a comprehensive guidance system of liquid and gas medium, the pressure can reach 4pa,

It is made of high quality engineering plastics, its each section is made of precision injection molding process, its each node connection contact surface through accurate calculation and the use of high injection molding technology.

Adjustable plastic cooling pipe does not need to add any conduit, only by its own contact surface can have excellent sealing. The close fit of the contact surface is enough to ensure that the cooling water pipe always maintains its initial position under the impact of high pressure water.

The adjustable plastic cooling pipe is a modular structure in the true sense. It can not only increase or decrease the number of segments arbitrarily according to the needs, but also install switches between the segments according to the needs, and there are different connections and water.

And there is a three-way into two out of the engineering plastic cooling pipe material is nylon, water nozzle type has a round mouth, flat mouth and large diameter round mouth, turnbuckle and inside the screw outside the screw, is according to customer demand device.

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