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Dongguan Humen Terui Hardware Technology Co.Ltd. was founded in 2003, specialized in manufacturing all kinds of metal springs. Our products include die spring, compression spring, extension spring torsion spring,disc spring, gas spring,leaf spring, sofa spring, wire form, as well as some mould accessories.Factoryislocated infamous town Humen, having a complete advanced production and test line:1 heat treatmentline,8 auto spring coilers,4 automatic CNC end face spring grinders, 1 shot blastingmachine,1large-scale dust-free electrophoresis equipment, several CNC punches, 1 Rockwell hardness tester, 3 pressure and tension testers and 2 fatigue testers. Production dep. have 8 nationally well-known senior engineers and 62 skilled masters. We use materials such as swosc-V,55CrSi,50CrVa,60Si2Mn,65Mn,304SUS,72A. Professional makes perfect. We provide customersgoodquality with competitive price. Our company enioys high reputation in this field all overthe world,like Middle EastSouth America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russian Federation,WestAsiaSoutheast Aisa and China Mainland. Toory adheres to the concept of“Professional and Integrity”.We welcome partners and friends come and visit. We will keep improving better service for all of you.

The manufacturer of producing mold springs with longest fatigue using service life in China

2000 pcs kinds specifications of springs in stock, delivery within 24 hours

6 practical technical patents.(spring clamp of grinding, spring clamp of connnecting, 4 spring holders of connecting, storing, baking and painting)

Accepted the compensation clause for delayed delivery


A wide range of line-nap has realized the standardization of springs as moldind die parts.

Mold accessories

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Through the years, TOORY has been continuously expanding its product portfolio to be able to meet the demands of the customers and to be able to be a Total Molding Solutions manufacturer-- Specializing in Plastic Injection Mould Making, Mold design, and Processing.

Compression spring use

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Compression spring is a very important kind of mechanical spring. Thus, it offers a wide range of applications. Through the reasonable design and usage, it can play the biggest role, which main role is to produce elastic deformation when it is stressed. Compression springs can be used for shock absorption and cushioning, various mechanical equipment, cars, trains, aircraft and other vehicles. And they are widely used in shock absorption and buffering systems.



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